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Prior to the 2010s, attractions dedicated to anime fandom were rare, especially in North America. Back then, otakus were limited to internet, local meetups, or competing for space among comic book fans.

However, over time, anime-themed events, businesses, and exhibitions have become more popular around the world. This makes it easier for weebs to find a sense of community in real life. If you’re a jet-set anime fan looking for new experiences to try: grab your passport and check out these ten must-see attractions designed for people like you!

  1. Embrace your inner child at the Studio Ghibli Museum

Location: Tokyo, Japan

If you are a fan of anime classics like Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke, add a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum to your bucket list. From giant Totoro at the entrance to tickets based on the museum’s films, every aspect of this popular exhibit hall screams Studio Ghibli.

This Tokyo-based museum is packed with galleries and exhibits designed to fully immerse you in the imaginary worlds of Hayao Miyazaki, from its elegant decor to its transporting passageways and staircases. Special additions include an in-house theater that plays exclusive Studio Ghibli shorts and a cafe that lets you dine in their infamous aesthetic.

  1. Learn about the history of anime at the Suginami Animation Museum

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Are you an otaku who wants to learn the history of this art form? So book a trip to the Suginami Animation Museum: the first anime museum in the world. The Suginami Animation Museum is packed with gems for anime fanatics, including an anime library, voiceover booth, and hall of fame showcasing anime history from the 1950s to the early 2000s. The best part about this attraction is that it costs you nothing. It’s true: visiting the Suginami Animation Museum is absolutely free.

  1. Watch a mobile suit in action at the Gundam factory

Location: Yokohama, Japan

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a Gundam IRL, get to Yokohama before March 31, 2023. Here you’ll find the Gundam Factory, home to the world’s first full-size Gundam mobile suit. The Gundam Factory was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the animated franchise and features an 18-meter mobile model of the RX-78F00 Mobile Suit. The impressive statue hosts shows every hour between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. (10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on extended days). Viewers can see the Gundam in motion throughout the day via the Gundam Dock, but nighttime visitors have the added bonus of seeing the model light up (which is an epic photo opportunity.)

  1. Dine Kawaii at Hello Kitty Cafe & Trucks

Location: Various locations in the United States

At Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Cafe, customers can enjoy a 100% dining experience Hello Kitty theme, from its fresh baked goods to its brightly colored restaurants. In addition to two locations in Las Vegas, the brand recently introduced the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe: a California restaurant with an expanded menu and a Bowroom that hosts afternoon tea and cocktail services. If you can’t book a trip to the West Coast for a foodie experience, don’t worry: Hello Kitty Cafe also has a line of food trucks that roam the United States, so you can get some. Hello Kitty goodies wherever you are.

  1. Soupa Saiyan’s devotion to Dragon Ball exceeds 9,000!

Location: Orlando, Florida

An Asian noodle bar soaked in Dragon Ball Z the aesthetic is a match made in Shonen heaven; it’s this very concept that makes Soupa Saiyan Orlando a must visit for Dragon Ball Z Fans. Soupa Saiyan cooks Asian fusion cuisine with a clever anime twist by offering DBZ-inspired dishes throughout their popular menu. Feasting on dishes like the hearty Kaoiken and the Vegeta Rian Bowl, customers are 100% cared for dragonball– themed decor. From life-size statues to enclosed games and figurines, Soupa Saiyan makes DBZ fans feel at home.

  • Enjoy the lively vibes at Shokku Ramen
  • Location: Various locations in the United States

    American noodle shop Shokku Ramen knows that ramen and anime go hand in hand: that’s why when you dine at one of their ramen restaurants, you’ll enjoy tasty Japanese cuisine while being completely surrounded by an anime setting. Wash down their signature Super Saiyan nachos with a shot of Demon Slayer Onikoroshi Sake, while watching the anime on one of their mounted TVs. To show love to anime fans, the restaurant not only holds cosplay contests, but on Wednesdays, diners get 15% off their ramen for wearing their favorite anime shirt or 25% off their ramen. they’re wearing full cosplay!

    1. Show up with Otakus at the Hi-Score Club

    Location – Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix’s Hi-Score Club was designed for bar-loving Otakus who want to enjoy the thrill of a night out while surrounded by anime visuals. What was originally meant to be a Japanese arcade was transformed into an intimate anime-themed lounge complete with a DJ booth and a dance floor. From the custom artwork that decorates its walls to its cocktail menu that includes drinks like Bebop, Chi-chi, and Master Roshi, Hi-Score Club is dripping with anime vibes.

    1. Enjoy entertainment and thrills at Universal Studios Japan

    Location: Osaka, Japan

    It always pays to be an anime fan in Osaka, thanks to the frequent anime-themed attractions at Universal Studios Japan. This year, USJ is hosting several attractions throughout the year to appease otakus of all ages:

    • Enjoy their A playsummer-themed ride, which includes a Mini Merry No. 2 ride and a Sanji pirate restaurant.
    • Team up with Conan, Haibara and the Detective Boys in Detective Conan: The World, which features an escape room and a coaster that simulates a high-speed car chase.
    • Join a melee battle between Gon, Hisoka and the rest of the hunters in HUNTER×HUNTER: The Real 4-D.
    • Head to a ball at the Moon Palace at the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon the Miracle 4-D ride, which features a 3D magical girl transformation sequence.

    As if that wasn’t exciting enough, USJ recently announced a Jujutsu Kaisen attraction that will premiere at the park in September.

    1. Cosplay with the greatest at Anime Expo

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Anime Expo LA is the largest anime convention in the United States and is known for having over 100,000 people in attendance. Anime Expo is known for having the pioneers of Japanese anime and culture in the building, from famous actors and mangaka to social media influencers and fashion designers. The four-day event takes the con experience to the next level with anime-focused live events, contests, and exhibits, plus exclusive add-ons like:

    • Outdoor concerts
    • Photo series
    • A cosplay repair station
    • A manga lounge
    • A beer garden
    • And a fashion show
    1. Witness the Kindness in the Pikachu Outbreak Celebration

    Location: Yokohama, Japan

    Every August, the city of Yokohama is awash in yellow sweetness as giant Pikachu mascots parade through the streets. The famous Pikachu outbreak is considered a must-see attraction, especially for Pokemon Fans. At this free event, crowds of people gather in their Pikachu swag to watch thousands of Pikachu waddle, dance, and perform on stage. What started as a popular daytime tradition has since expanded to include a nighttime LED light show, water parade and the inclusion of the adorable Pokemon Eevee.

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